The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Next Door’s Gift Ideas

Before you head out on a weekend of holiday shopping, we’d
like to share some gift ideas that we recently shared with
our AMI Research Panel.
– Forget the latest gadget and give workout clothes! –
Instead of spending big bucks on a new smart phone or tablet,
get your loved one some new workout clothes. Regardless of
one’s age, our research has shown a NEGATIVE correlation
between net worth and hours spent texting, emailing and using
social media, while we see a POSITIVE correlation between net
worth and time spent exercising. Financial discipline and
lifestyle discipline would seem to go hand in hand.
– Financial reading material – Income and net worth are
positively related to hours spent planning/researching
investments and reading financial publications. Instead of
fancy shelter publications or celebrity rags touting glitz
and glam, consider giving a subscription to a financial
magazine so your loved one can learn, plan and research for a
secure future.
– Economic emancipation – Are you subsidizing your adult
child’s lifestyle? Economic outpatient care is the gift that
HAS to keep on giving, but our research shows it does more
harm than good along the journey to financial independence.
Consider the gift of economic emancipation this holiday, and
free yourself and your adult children to pursue their own
– A frank conversation – Worried about getting your spouse or
significant other a gift he or she can really enjoy? Then
it’s probably time to get on the same page about financial
issues. We found that those who disagree on financial issues
were more likely to be worried about giving a gift that a
spouse/significant other would really enjoy. Perhaps a frank
conversation about financial matters will truly benefit you
both this holiday season and for many more to come.
We hope these insights will spark some great gift ideas. If
you haven’t done so already,
join the AMI Research Panel here
. We wish you a
successful 2013 and look forward to sharing more of our
findings in the new year!
Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., Chair
Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D., Director of Research

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  1. When I press join the AMI Research Panel, I go back to your page advertising your books, of which I have read three intensely . I have had three goes at finding what the AMI Research Panel is via this site. I like your work.

  2. Thanks, Henri. Yes, the links were redirecting to the homepage for some reason. We have fixed the links. Thanks for letting us know!

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