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One Extraordinary Woman’s Christmas Gifts

Beverly’s good friends often joke about the worst place a toy shopper could be during the Christmas season: standing behind her at the Toys-R-Us check out counter! More often than not she is in line with multiple shopping carts loaded to the hilt.  This is because one of her favorite pastimes is to provide toys for hospitalized children.  Beverly believes giving is enhances her self image.  It is one of the rewards that she receives from being a top producer of income.  Her high income and frugal lifestyle enable her to be so very generous.  On average she donates about 30% of her income to this and other noble causes.

Beverly grew up in a working class environment on the poor side of town.

I acquired my need to help others from my . . . mother.   . . . mother was a very giving person.  Once [when I was 10 years old] a neighbor family was really down financially.  They were thrown out of their home [on the sidewalk].  Evicted . . . with no place to go.  My mother made wooden pallets for them to sleep on . . . [and we] kept the family at our house.  Fed them, took care of them until they got on their feel financially.  Even though we had a small house . . . three rooms. . . my mother made room for them.  It was how she was raised. [Millionaire Women Next Door]

In her illustrious career she has sold more than $100,000,000 worth of motor vehicles; in her best year she sold 369 luxury vehicles.  Interestingly the most expensive vehicle she bought for herself cost $22,000.   She was very candid in explaining that motor vehicles, to her, were merely a way to make a living- not communicate her considerable success.  Along with her charitable acts, her high self esteem and pride also come from being financially independent as well as receiving countless awards for extraordinary achievements in sales.  

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  1. How refreshing to read about this millionaire. When most of the images promoted by the media are of wealthy self-absorbed celebs, it is an important reminder that most people with a million or more in net worth are NOT that way. Kudos to Beverly!

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