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Resolve to Think Big in 2013 and Beyond

For 13 years I had the privilege of having Dr. David Schwartz as a colleague and mentor.  He was the author of the perennial best-seller, The Magic of Thinking Big.  I suggest that you read it, reread it and take notes!  Then list the major objectives that you have in life.  For many people who have done this, success was the product of their effort.

Notre Dame will play for the national football championship next week.  In 1988 Lou Holtz was the coach for the Irish when it won this title.  Several years after that Coach Holtz was interviewed and asked how he had been so successful in his life.  He responded that he was not always at the top of his class in terms of achievement.  During a low point, out of work at the time, he read The Magic of Thinking Big.  He took the material to heart and wrote down his major career objectives.  One was to coach at Notre Dame and, correspondingly, to win the national championship.  He gives much of the credit for both achievements to “thinking big.” 


2 thoughts on “Resolve to Think Big in 2013 and Beyond”

  1. I just finished reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” last month. What a great read. I think I will be reading it twice a year for life. I picked this book up because so many people I follow and respect recommended it and talked about the impact it had on their life, Thomas Stanley being chief among them. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention.

  2. I would say that The Making of Thinking Big is one of the top books on personal achievement. You could achieve almost anything in life if you put your mind to it!

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