The Millionaire Next Door

Early Reviews for The Next Millionaire Next Door

The buzz is building around The Next Millionaire Next Door. Thank you to everyone who has responded with orders, reviews, and words of encouragement. And, many thanks to those of you who are requesting copies at your local independent bookstores and libraries.

Below are a few links to reviews and press:

The Dave Ramsey Show: Listen to Dave Ramsey and Sarah Fallaw discuss the book here.

ESI Money and the FI/RE community: See the review of the book on ESI Money.

Think Save Retire: A Review and Q&A with Think Save Retire

Your reviews: Check out some of the reviews on Amazon.

If you haven’t read the book yet, you can order a copy at most online retailers, request a copy at your local library, or, in true millionaire-next-door fashion, borrow one from a friend.

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