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Independence Day Physician Revisited

In honor of the Fourth of July I’d like to
reflect upon the content of a previous blog (see below). When
it was posted several people misinterpreted the
message.  The physician profiled is anything but
mean spirited in regard to the significant number of dollars
he pays in income tax.  He believes that “if
you’re paying a lot of income tax you’re making a lot
of money.”  Thus he considers himself very fortunate
that he is highly compensated in a field that he loves.        

Q:  Dr. Klug, what type of physician are you?

A:  I’m an Independence Day physician.  I work
from January 1 to July 4 each year to pay my

Dr. Klug does not focus on the injustice of our tax
system where the top 1% of income generators pay nearly 40%
of income taxes.  He is quite good at counting his
blessings:  excellent health, loving family
and rewarding occupation.  Yet like most top income
producers he is concerned about how the press and liberal
politicians villainize the so-called “rich.” 

Why is it that the 1 percenters in this country are not
all in Washington protesting about the enormous tax burden
they are carrying?  In part it’s because, as Steve Jobs
said, “it was never about the money.”  In most cases,
the pride of achievement and financial independence more
than offsets the frustration with the inequities in the
tax system.

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  1. I find the whole one-percent “issue” hilarious. One need only look at our history to see it’s been a topic for decades. I myself remember it from the 1980s; i bet it goes back much further.

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