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Joe the CPA: More than a Numbers Man

In my last blog, I profiled Joe the extraordinary CPA who had over 800 clients [from Networking with the Affluent].*  To understand his success one needs to examine the eight roles that Joe played in addition to being a conventional accountant for his clients.  Note that he never charged a fee for these services.  

1.  The Purchasing Agent.  As a skilled negotiator, Joe has purchased everything from homes to cars for his clients at a substantial savings or discount.  He has also negotiated the purchase of commercial buildings for several of his physician clients. 

2.  The Revenue Enhancer.  Joe also found tennants for his clients who owned commercial buildings.  He sold over three dozen houses for his clients who are homebuilders. 

3.  The Loan Broker.   Joe was able to find financing for many of his clients because he represents and endorses a large number of blue chip clients.

4.  The Talent Scout.  Joe had a vast network of talented suppliers- everyone from estate planners to construction contractors. 

5.  The Mentor.  He has often acted as a mentor to clients who have various career and business related problems. 

6.  The Publicist.  He has helped his network members to gain visibility, recognition, and credibility, i.e. encouraging reporters to write case histories about his clients’ businesses.

7.  The Advocate.  Joe has written unsolicited letters to lawmakers insupport for the causes of his clients.

8.  The Family Advisor.  Joe has acted as a guidance counselor helping the children of clients in their selection of colleges.

Please note that Joe the CPA recently retired.  I’m sure if he was still working he would want to ask you if your CPA, financial consultant, CLU, attorney and any of the other professionals you patronize offer these types of auxilary services.

*Networking with the Affluent was selected as one of the best marketing books of all times, see Chris Murray, The Marketing Gurus, pp. 66-80.

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