The Millionaire Next Door

Ideal Gift for the Millionaire Next Door

It’s not too early to make holiday gift giving plans.  Is there a millionaire next door on your list?  If so, I have a hint for you.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I stopped by my neighborhood McDonald’s for a McCafe coffee.  There were banners hanging all over announcing Monopoly is Back along with a picture of Mr. Monopoly.  If you remove Mr. Monopoly from the uniform and replace him with a 42 inch “banker teddy bear” you have an idea of the gift that I rank #1.   Yes it’s the banker bear with top hat, morning coat, vest, striped pants, spats and monocle. 

Following a two hour interview with eight decamillionaires each one of them received an envelope containing two $100 bills.  Eight genuine “thank-yous” were heard.  Then, as a bonus surprise, I retrived and distributed 8 of the high quality banker bears, one for each participant.  You would have thought that each one of these millionaires had won the lottery!  Joy and appreciation were on the faces of each of these men.  But then came a problem.  It started with Harry. “I have to have another one of these bears; I have two grandchildren.  Do you have any more?”  Then others chimed in with a similar request.    We did have more bears for the two remaining focus group interviews scheduled for the following day.  It’s a good thing we didn’t promise the bears beforehand.  Every respondent that memorable evening left with multiple banker bears!  Each bear had a detachable sash with the name of the trust company sponsoring the interview. 

So it is.  The typical millionaire next door finds it much more satisfying to give gifts than to receive gifts.   

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