The Millionaire Next Door


Dear Faithful Readers and Fans,

Thank you for continuing to read and respond to the blogs and publications associated with my father’s work. For the last four years you’ve allowed me the honor to continue writing for and posting on his blog, and I have been thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and interpretations with you.

Today marks the beginning of a new phase for my writing in this field as well as the study of wealth. New research, writings, and other musings related to the study of the affluent will now be shared through DataPoints. If you would like to be notified about future posts and ongoing research related to financial behaviors, psychology, and wealth-building millionaire-next-door style, we invite you to join the DataPoints mailing list here.

We will continue to study how individuals create revenue for their households and how they successfully transform income into wealth. Just as before, you can participate in these research studies or share your millionaire next door story. If you’re interested in applying the results of our research in the financial services industry, please take a look at our advisor technology solutions that marry the psychology of wealth with data analytics.

On behalf of my father, Thomas J. Stanley, and the rest of the Stanley family, thank you for your continued support of his work. We look forward to another couple of decades of helping ordinary people become millionaires next door.

With gratitude,

Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D.
President, DataPoints

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