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Words of Wisdom: Networking & Opinion Leaders

While going through some training materials in my father’s
archives this morning, I found a section that defined
networking via an example geared towards
attorneys. Regardless of your industry, it is a great
summary for effective business development and was the focus
of the book Networking with the Affluent, published this month back in
From his workbook:

What is Networking?

Networking is the essence of high-performance marketing.
Networking is influencing the people who influence the
patronage behavior of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of
important prospects.
Ordinary professionals target ordinary prospects. In
sharp contrast, extraordinary networkers target prospects
who are opinion leaders of major affinity groups. Imagine
the impact on the revenue of an ordinary lawyer if he or
she is endorsed by the president of a trade association
whose members include hundreds of potential clients. It
How does an endorsement of this kind come about? The
transformation of an ordinary legal professional into an
extraordinary networker begins with targeting. The very
best networkers identify and then prospect the advisors and
role models of groups of clients.
These opinion leaders have a significant influence on
the choice of suppliers, especially lawyers. Hiring
providers like attorneys is typically associated with
moderate to high risk. Hence, most buyers attempt to reduce
this risk by choosing suppliers that opinion leaders
– Thomas J. Stanley

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