The Millionaire Next Door

Integrity, The Bedrock of the Road to Success

Here’s an assignment designed to enhance the future
socioeconomic productivity of your children, grandchildren,
etc.  Turn to Page 34 in The
Millionaire Mind
, Table 2-1 “Millionaires’ Success
Factors.”  There you will find thirty success factors
ranked in importance by a national sample of 733 respondents
who represent a fraction of the top 1.0% of wealth holders in

Make copies of Table 2-1.  Circle the top rated factors
starting with “being honest with all people”, aka
integrity.  Tape a copy on the doors to your child’s
room, on mirrors, near computer screens, etc.  High
integrity is absolutely critical in achieving success.

As an example of the sources credited for instilling high
integrity into his personality consider the remarks of a multimillionaire respondent
with an extremely high WX score (actual net worth
vs. predicted net worth via age and income).     

He . . . wrote notes (on the questionnaire) next to each
question about the experiences that influenced him.  He
indicated that his parents and his training as a Marine Corps officer
explained his economic success.   

The leadership training provided by the Marine Corps is second to
none.  Remember that the arch type millionaire next door
is a self employed business owner, an employer, a leader of men
and women.  Employees perform well when they know that
their employer has integrity.

It is the same when customers make patronage decisions. 
They want to buy from business owners who rank trust high on
the integrity scale.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Stanley for this great reminder of the power of memorization. I am currently taking a course on goal setting and affirmations, of which your assignment fits in perfectly. This is not an assignment just for young children, but even us “old dogs” can still learn new tricks, if we have the willingness to persevere in practicing these attributes in our lives, one day at a time.

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