The Millionaire Next Door

A Life Changing Event

Often a single event can dramatically alter the degree of one’s socioeconomic achievement.  And here is just one example:

I had dropped out of college and was working as a cocktail server at a casino.  The sections that we served rotated daily so I would work with different girls everyday.  I walked into my designated service bar one night and saw that I would be working with all older servers.  As I looked around the bar at the women in their sixties wearing mini skirts and carrying heavy trays of drinks I decided that wasn’t going to be me.  I got back in school the next semester, graduated, and I am now employed as a tax accountant with a local accounting firm.  I’ll finish up the CPA exam this fall.  I look back at that moment in the service bar as the turning point in my professional life.

For this young woman, even the rigorous requirements of studying accounting somehow seemed less demanding when compared to the treadmill existence of being a rank and file service provider.

3 thoughts on “A Life Changing Event”

  1. Michael Angel Gioredani

    I have been too busy all my life, trying to make a confortable living my family, and never really focus in being some Millionaire.With the ups and downs of the Real Estate paralel with the economy and its 10 yaer cycles, it’s has been a real roller coaster.That is my Comment!

  2. As a grandfather, I’m fortunate that most of my grandchildren actually seem to enjoy discussions (we call them “chew and chat”)with grandpa. Of course it helps that we are usually eating taco’s and sipping soda at the local Cafe Rio when we talk. Our topics vary greatly, and I ‘always’ come having learned something… hopefully they do too. The next time I eat a sweet pork enchalada with these great kids, I will preface our little chit chat by reading this very blog post. Thanks Dr. Stanley – great example..!!

  3. My daughter dropped out of school after changing her major two times in less than 2 years. Now she stocks shelves in the grocery store. Yes, it breaks my heart that she didn’t continue school, but my attitude about it has changed after seeing her one day walking out to her car after working all day. She was very happy swinging her lunch bag without a care in the world. I just want what is best for her. She recently was promoted to a department lead. I guess she is figuring everything out as she goes. Money is helpful in life but it is not everything. I just hope she doesn’t regret the choices she is making along the way.

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