The Millionaire Next Door

You: The Mentor

A few weeks ago, readers of my blog and AMI panelists were
asked to recount their “ah-ha!” moments as part an ongoing
research effort examining wealth building in America. We
appreciate the honesty and courage that many of you exhibited
in sharing your stories and how they changed your
Nearly 250 of you participated in this effort, and we are now
reviewing each story. Some of these stories we will be
sharing in the next months on the blog. Others may be
included in upcoming publications that are currently
underway. Ultimately, in some way, your stories will help
others who are facing financial decisions, challenges and
other life experiences. You will be mentoring to others
through your effort.
In exchange for your stories, you’ve helped raise $250 for
the Salvation Army. In addition to that amount, AMI donated
another $250 to its cause, hopefully playing another small
role in helping others. Thank you!

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