The Millionaire Next Door

Buffett Outtakes

Buffett not only excelled at building his own fortune/  he made it possible for many of his shareholders to do the same.  According to NYT, 12-4-12,  For Buffett long view still trumps quick return:

“In 1966 . . . Berkshire Hathaway was trading at $22 a share.  Today it is almost $133,000 a share.” 

The millionaire population contains a disproportionately high concentration of people who report that integrity was a critical factor [number 1 of 30] in explaining the socioeconomic success. 

I have found that within the same age and income cohorts those who accumulate more wealth also donate considerable more income to noble causes.  Yes, they tend to invest more and spend less on homes, cars, clothing, watches, income taxes, mortgage interest, interest on consumer loans, etc. 

. . . the concentration of millionaires next door in the midewest  is 1.65 times greater than what is expected given the size of its overall population.  See details in Stop Acting Rich. 

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