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Affluent Studies I – Vocabulary

Use OPM (Other People’s Money) in a sentence. 

  • About 2 in 3 couples under the age of 35 who live in $1M homes are part of the OPM segment. 
  • Our government is like the spoiled economically dependent adult child who is never satisfied no matter how much OPM it receives.  
  • Those who receive OPM tend to purchase higher priced suits, watches, cars and homes than those in the same age and income cohort.
  • Nearly one-half (45%) of OPM from millionaire grandparents subsidized private school tuition for the grandchildren.
  • People who spend OPM tend to be relatively insensitive to the variations in the price of products and services that they purhcase. 
  • The most popular word among OPM recipients is :  MORE
  • There is a strong inverse correlation between money saved and money received in the form of OPM.
  • NYC’s Manhattan has the highest geographic concentration of household’s whose lifestyles are heavily supported by OPM.    
  • People tend to spend OPM in an imprudent fashion.

5 thoughts on “Affluent Studies I – Vocabulary”

  1. First off Dr. Stanley – I LOVE your blog. A thousand thank yous. A few years back one of my fellow employees became aware that he would be receiving $100K over the next 4 years. Instead of using it to jump start a savings/investment plan he bought toys. He managed to wait until he had the money before he actually spent it, but he knew way ahead of time exactly what he was going to spend it on. When all was said and done he spent well over the 100K. Truthfully – I don’t know what I would do in a similar situation, and I don’t think I ever will. I would hope and pray that purdence and restraint would lead the way.

  2. I’m interested in how you define other peoples money, particularly in regard to the NYC point. Does that just mean they tend to live on more credit?

  3. Thank you Dr. Stanley for your wisdom because I always learn something.
    To dovetail on this blog, there are 3 ways money is spent;
    1) When I buy something for myself I care about price & value
    2) When I buy something for someone else I care about price
    3) When I use OPM to buy for someone else I do not care about price or value (hypothetically speaking)

    Well, our government operates by #3.

  4. Here are a few sentences using the term acronym OPM:
    1. As a recipient and a giver of OPM, I figure it is no one else’s business who gives or gets what from whom.
    2. Millions of people in Third World, poverty stricken African nations are living off of OPM.
    3. Sustainable development is a viable option for the poorest countries in the world who receive OPM but until that actually happens…’s going to be OPM keeping them going.
    4. Dwelling on who gets and gives OPM and how they spend OPM, is an exercise in the newest leftist game of Divide and Conquer called Class Warfare.
    5. If you really want to discuss OPM, let’s look at BHO. A lifelong recipient of OPM and one who is a genius at collecting and distributing OPM.

  5. Dr. Stanley, I have given your “Millionaire Next Door” book as a gift on numerous occasions. Some get it, some don’t! Notes: I drive a F-150 pickup truck…and I have leather shoes that are 20+ years old…hahaha! Had the shoes in the early 90s before the book! Truck came after the GM bailout! Love your books.

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