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Studying Wealth-Building: Your Input Requested

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4 thoughts on “Studying Wealth-Building: Your Input Requested”

  1. This looks very interesting, Dr. Stanley. I note, though, that the links currently are redirecting just to your home page instead of the sign-up page where the prior post goes.

  2. I am a big fan and your insights of course also work well in Canada. I am a Credit Risk Analyst but also the landlord of a triplex. Our primary home (value approx $250,000) is in a small town and will be paid off this year. I make a decent but have no illusions that working for money will make me wealthy; therefore, instead I have invested in property and plan to invest more heavily once our residence is paid off.

    Thanks for all of your excellent work. I wish Canadians could participate in your surveys.

    All the best!


  3. I answered the survey truthfully, and I might have thrown off the results. That’s because I employ high-achieving who are compensated based on their performance. And at year-end, I ask them the same question: “What can I get you for a special present – something you’ve always wanted, yet wouldn’t dare buy for yourself?”

    Thus, I have purchased a Gucci purse ($1.650); Christian Louboutin shoes ($800+) and a weekend @ The Breakers in Palm Beach (don’t ask). And my corporate gift account @ Tiffany & Co. gets quite the workout, too.

    Maybe I should have assumed the questions included the phrase “for your personal consumption/enjoyment only”. My answers don’t reflect it, but I am Balance Sheet affluent. Honest!

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