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Freedom of Choice More Valuable than the Crown Jewels

Tomorrow there will be a “royal” wedding in London.  I wish the couple much happiness.  However, I do feel somewhat sorry for them because their entire life together has already been scripted for them.  I don’t envy the fact that these people will never be able to encounter self made socioeconomic mobility.  In sharp contrast, even a child who is born to the poorest parents in this country has a greater amount of freedom to choose what he/she will do and how he/she will do it. 

One of the great joys of studying self-made, successful people is feeling their exhilaration in achieving financial independence.  I think you will enjoy the following “millionaire next door” story:

 I am a little short of a million while not counting my home equity, but would like to share how I too lived frugally, always paying myself first, doubling up on my mortage payments till I was mortage free, and paying cash for my car and condo. I triggered retiring at 60-62, took early SSI, filled up a uhaul with about 1/10th of my “STUFF” downsized to a condo. Now I golf and paint and am amazed how through my mainly conservative investments, which I monitor four times a year, have been able to live a simple and satisfying life, without worries of the future. I have recently connected my PC to my HDTV where I can stream in all my programs, so I will be cancelling the expense of cable  TV. By the way, I drive a 1997 Toyota and have just resurfaced the rims by myself with automotive aluminum paint. Recently a passer-by yelled “love your rims lady!”.


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  1. I find it quite interesting how a person can successfully manage their funds and essentially become financially independent. This article displays the ability to downsize, yet meet economical standards in one’s life. Great read.

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