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Finding a Convoy of Mr. Rights

Kay S. Hymowitz, writing in The Wall Street Journal, asks, “where have all the good men gone?” She contends that a growing number of American “men in  heir 20s are living in a new kind of extended adolescence.” While it is true that there are more unproductive males in their 20s today, there are still millions who are achievers.  The real issue is where one looks for prospective male mates.  Happy hour at the local watering hole or even in a tony bar may not be the geographic centroid of highly productive young adult males. 

I wrote an entire chapter in The Millionaire Mind on “choice of spouse.”  One of the case studies profiled Lisa, aka Lisa Library, who found her ideal mate among a high concentration of very productive men. She was one of my best undergraduate business majors.  But she chose to study every night in a medical school library which was five miles away and not affiliated with our state university.  She did so starting in her freshman year and then found her future husband late in her senior year. 

There is an excellent source that details affinity groups where one may find high concentrations of people with ambition.  The Gale Directory Library  publishes The Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State and Local Organizations (see your reference librarian).  It not only includes detailed descriptions of trade and professional associations.  It also describes many voluntary and charitable groups. 

By becoming associated with one or more of these types of affinity groups, you may find yourself in the midst of many successful and desirable Mr. Rights!


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  1. I suspect Ms. Hymowitz is part of the growing legion of GoldDiggers that looks for her one night stands among those who do frequent watering holes, other high cost events, and expects constant high maintenance spending on them from a “Mr. Right”. I laugh at the prospect of how many MND types she’s turned her nose up at because they didn’t fit that “Unicorn fantasy” profile.

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