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Doctor of Tenacity

Most self made millionaires rank high on the tenacity scale.  They report that this characteristic was developed  in part during their secondary school and college experiences.  The majority (76%) of the millionaires I surveyed report that tenacity and hard work account for why they consistently achieve at a high level.  Plus, as I said in The Millionaire Mind:

. . .  people who are determined to succeed view all reversals as temporary and just as a required step to eventual success. 

At one time or another, most economically successful people have been labelled by some authority figure or some standardized test result as being “average” or “inferior.”  But as the results of my research point out, such evaluations make these people all the more tenacious.  Some thrive upon such judgments, as they have made very clear to me. 

I was reminded of the importance tenacity plays in success while reading a recent article in The New York Times.  In the article there is a picture of an attractive, young medical school resident, “Dr. Janine,” standing in front of the Stonybrook University Medical Center (her first choice for residency).  She is a recent graduate of the St. George’s University in Grenada.   “She scored a 27 on the MCAT. . . she probably needed a score of 30 to get into an American [medical] school.”  According to Dr. Janine, “At St. George’s we’re rejected from U.S. schools and then we feel we have to do something to prove, as opposed to the sense of entitlement that some U.S. medical students might feel.”  The article goes on to say, “She said that her underdog status as a St. George’s student had made her work harder.”

Will Dr. Janine succeed in her profession?  I’ll bet she will, probably on her tenacity and work ethic alone. In a large part it’s what she does after she finishes her formal education and training that will determine how she is evaluated by her patients, colleagues and employers.

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