The Millionaire Next Door

Big Trees, Big Wealth

Many millionaires have told me that being economically successful has more benefits than just financial independence.  As one very wealthy entrepreneur said, “It’s an absolute joy to associate with other successful people.”  This fellow wasn’t just talking about other multimillionaires like himself.  He was also referring to many of the high grade professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment managers etc. whom he had hired throughout the years.  And professionals who provide services to the affluent as a result often become affluent themselves.  

 I have learned a great deal from interacting with these millionaires and the professionals who cater to them.  One of these professionals is my friend Dave.  He was my key contact at a premier trust company which had very wealthy clients many of whom were in niche businesses where there was little or no competition.  After Dave retired, he continued his interest in these self made individuals by profiling them in several small town newspapers.  Dave was kind enough to share some of these profiles with me.  Here is one of my favorites.

Had a great time last fall with a story about a millionaire nurseryman.  We took photos outside the Oval Office of two large ornamental trees he had donated to the White House.  All the important landscape architects know that no other nurseryman in the U.S. is more successful than this guy at growing and shipping such large trees.  The multimillionaires who build 35,000-square-foot homes on multiacres, like Ralph Lauren, want to plant big trees, because they ain’t young enough to watch them grow tall!

How smart this nurseryman is!  The average age of a member of the Forbes 400 is 65.8. 


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  1. Love these profiles of smart men and women with niche super-profitable businesses. i personally have a hard time thinking outside the box — it doesn’t really help that i’m in the box! thx again tom for another great post.

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