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Veterans Remembered. . .

One of the most pleasant benefits from writing books is hearing personally from my readers.  I would like to share a letter that I recently received which is ideally suited for Veterans Day reflection. 

“Dear Dr. Stanley,
I recently…began to read The Millionaire Mind….  I try to read a little each night.  It was about 11:00 p.m. when I reached page 41.  About half way down the page I encountered the name “William ‘Billy’ Featherstone” and thought to myself, I know about someone with a name like that except that his last name was Gilmore.  I then read “Gilmore Jr.” on the next line.  This gave me shivers.  I continued to read about his father a decorated bomber pilot of WW II.  I have always heard that it is “a small world” and am always amazed at coincidences.

William Featherstone Gilmore was stationed at Grafton-Underwood [England] and on November 26, 1943 was the pilot of Barrel House Bessie. This was the mission for which he received the Silver Star. My uncle…was…on that mission. He was…lost in the English Channel on that mission.

I have searched for information on members of that crew for several years.  A few years ago, I visited the American Cemetery in Cambridge, England to see my uncle’s name on the Wall of the Missing.  Page 41 in your book added another piece to my puzzle.  What a wonderful coincidence.
I thoroughly enjoy your books and find them interesting, relevant and highly recommend them to young people.
Ms. K.H.” 

Billy Featherstone Gilmore, Jr. was once a student of mine at The University of Georgia. Since then we have been good friends and shared our common interest in military history. After receving this letter, I recalled discussing Billy’s father, a B-17 pilot and major in the 8th Air Force, WW II with him.  Today Billy told me that the Barrel House Bessie was shredded by German flak and had to ditch in the icy cold English Channel.

I often talk about the importance of financial freedom.  But if it wasn’t for the courageous and unselfish Americans like those aboard the Barrel House Bessie our more basic freedoms might not exist.

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  1. Is Billy Gilmore, Jr. still alive? If so, is there a means by which I could contact him? I’m very interested in talking with him.

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