The Millionaire Next Door

A Most Extraordinary Sales Professional

Peter Shorter is more than a top sales professional.  He
is really outstanding when it comes to having empathy for the
needs of others including the weak, the poor, the aged, the
impaired.  Let me share this experience with you. 
We were on a forty-seat commuter plane out of La Guardia a
few minutes from take off.  On board was the “poster
child of ill-mannered flight attendants,” Joyce the
Barbarian.  She asked Peter, “What are ya gonna
drink?”  Peter replied, “I’ll have a Beck’s
beer.”  She replied, “Well, it looks like you will get
no beer since we don’t have Beck’s.”  After she
mentioned Beck’s, Mr. Jim, two seats in front of Peter,
piped up, “I’ll also have a Beck’s.”  As we
determined sometime later, Mr. Jim was eighty years
old.  He and his Seeing Eye dog were on their way to a
class reunion. . . .  He was not only visually impaired,
but he also did not hear very well.  The flight
attendant then jumped down Mr. Jim’s throat with a
high-volume rant:  “Can’t you hear?  We don’t
have Beck’s beer!”  Peter immediately took the
situation into his own hands.  He wasn’t going to let
Joyce get away with punishing a defenseless senior citizen.

I watched in amazement as Peter ran off the plane and dashed
inside the terminal.  I felt certain that the plane
would take off without Peter on board.  Just then, I saw
him running in full stride back to the plane carrying two
twelve-packs of – you guessed it – Beck’s beer.  He had
“commandeered them out of an unattended frequent-flier elite
traveler’s lounge!”

Back on the plane, Peter first addressed the stated needs of
Mr. Jim.  “I have that Beck’s beer you
requested.”  Mr. Jim replied, “Well, thanks, young
fellow . . . your other flight attendant said that you did
not have any Beck’s.”  Peter responded that he (Peter)
was the senior flight attendant.  And while Joyce the
Barbarian was up front in the cockpit, Peter worked his
magic.  “Who wants a Beck’s? Who wants a
Beck’s?  We now have Beck’s. . . .  He passed out
Beck’s beer to nearly all the other passengers.

Of course, when Joyce came back to the passengers, she saw
Mr. Jim downing a Beck’s and immediately wanted to know
where he had gotten the beer.  “Your colleague, the
senior attendant, the nice fellow served me a
Beck’s.”  At this, Joyce nearly went “postal.” 
“There is no other flight attendant on this plane,” she
screamed, “and we don’t have any Beck’s.” With that Mr.
Jim said, “Honey, you need to get more training and perhaps
an eye examination.” All during the flight, she interrogated
the passengers, “Where did you get the Beck’s?”  Each
time they told her that the “senior flight attendant, the
nice fellow” had served them.  Peter had done it again;
he had made people, especially Mr. Jim, happy.  Peter
understood what Mr. Jim wanted and took action to
fulfill his need.  Peter stood strong, protecting the
weak, the elderly, the impaired, and most of all, the other
passengers on the flight that day.


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  1. Wow! That is an amazing story. I’m always curious what else is going on with a person’s life when they exhibit bad customer service. Not that it’s an excuse for this or any situation, I just know that sometimes people let their personal problems interfere with their job.

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