The Millionaire Next Door

Keeping Up with The Millionaire Next Door

Monumental changes are taking place in the economic environment, especially among the affluent in America.  But don’t worry about the millionaire next door types.  Their population continues to grow.  However, I do feel the need to disseminate my ideas about the implications of these changes in a more timely manner. 

It requires two to three years to research and write a book.   And I will continue to produce books.  But it is also important to provide my audiences with the latest insights about situations as they occur, to answer questions from my readers, and to add to the existing base of knowledge about the wealthy in America.  This blog is intended to provide a forum for communication with those who are interested in my ideas about how to become a millionaire.   

For more than twenty years I was a professor of marketing.  I look upon this website as a way to continue sharing (teaching) the wisdom of millionaires, their life styles, and how they became wealthy.  Since I have been studying the affluent for over 30 years, I have accumulated an enormous amount of research on a variety of affluent market topics.  Key elements of this research will be discussed periodically in this blog.  I also look forward to sharing new findings and interviews as they arise.  A more detailed account of my career “studying the affluent” can be found on the website’s About the Author page.

Another important objective for this blog is to study and analyze the public’s reactions to economic and social events as a basis for future research and future publications. 

Many of my readers are sales and marketing professionals who focus on the affluent market.  In fact, my first three books were written specifically with these folks in mind.  I have a keen interest in reaching out to these individuals and, in turn, look forward to their comments and suggestions.   I will continue to discuss the many marketing implications that generated from my research. 

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up with The Millionaire Next Door”

  1. Dr. Stanley,

    I would like to express how incredibly excited I was when I found your blog this morning. Thank you for launching the website! I hope that you reap a great deal of satisfaction from this project.

    Please allow me a few paragraphs to express my genuine appreciation for your work:

    I first purchased and read The Millionaire Next Door when I was in my teens–I genuinely enjoyed it and passed it (and the abridged audio version) along to my family and friends. In college I stumbled across the Millionaire Mind. Both enjoyed a prominent place on my bookshelf as a student.

    Recently, I entered the [life] insurance industry with a well-respected company. As I was looking for resources to build my knowledge and skill in my chosen profession, I learned of your first three books. Just today, I finished reading Marketing to the Affluent. (I have also purchased and benefited greatly from your audio presentation, Networking with Millionaires and Their Advisors.)

    Now, at 24 years old, I am working diligently to become an ESP and plan to follow the tried-and-true formula for becoming personally affluent. Although I do not yet qualify as a PAW, I feel like one due to the tremendous amount of knowledge I’ve gained form your works.

    I will be purchasing your other two books (and your new one!) and look forward to learning and applying their content to my practice.

    Thank you for launching the website. I have searched and searched for your web presence in the past without success. I had previously looked for your organization’s contact information without success. Today, as I was looking again, I was delighted to find the site.

    I look forward to enjoying and benefiting from more of your work. Keep up the stellar research!


  2. My friends and I were discussing the economic downturn. My Spender Friends are stressed because they’re worried about losing their job and how they’re going to pay for their stuff.

    My Frugal Friends are enjoying the economic downturn because now more than ever that money in the bank buys peace of mind, AND now they’re buying stuff on Craigslist for ridiculous discounts off people who need cash TODAY because they spent all their cash on stuff they’re now selling for 80% less. (Hopefully the two won’t run into each other on CL. That would be embarrasing)

    Ironically, when times are good, the wealthy/frugal are saving money, and when times are “bad” the wealthy/frugal are spending money snapping up good deals. The exact opposite of what everyone else does.

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