The Millionaire Next Door

Are You a Threezy or a Millionaire?

A reader recently sent me this note about one of his clients . . .

Hello, Tom:

A client of mine, Fred – A Millionaire Next Door Type, is a tire dealer . . . claims he has three kinds of customers: onezys, twozys, and threezys. When a buyer walks into Fred’s store. . . wearing a “knockoff” Rolex, monogrammed shirt . . . designer suit and sunglasses. . . an an artifically enhanced tan . . . and he needs tires for his leased BMW . . . Fred thinks this guy is a threezy.

Fred hands him a bill of, say, $1,200.00 Then the guy pops out three credit cards . . . it’s $500 on his Kryptonite Card, $400 on his Titanium card, and $300 on his Palladium card. . . must be nearly maxxed out on all three. Yes, Fred got it right. This guy is a threezy . . . he only looks like a millionaire!

Stan L. Lanier

I wrote back to Stan with this response:

Hello, Stan:

FYI, 94% of the millionaires in America purchase, don’t lease, their motor vehicles. Plus, as you will read in my forthcoming book, Stop Acting Rich [Sept 28, 2009], the large majority of those who drive prestige makes of motor vehicles are not rich. Thanks for your contribution.


Tom Stanley

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