The Millionaire Next Door

The ripple effect lives

I recently graduated pharmacy school and am currently a
pharmacist in Louisiana. I’ve always be cognizant of being
careful with my finances and decided to do my research to
increase my understanding of what it is to build wealth not
just from a short term income statement, but for a long term
benefit. After countless searches for the best books to begin
with and getting my first library card, I decided to on the
Millionaire Next Door to embrace its paradigm shift vision of
wealth. The reviews of the book were astounding and did it
great justice. Unfortunately, after finishing the eye opening
book in February and doing a quick search for information on
Dr. Stanley, I have come to find out of his passing. I want to
express my gratitude and the Godwink that I experienced from
reading his book just before his passing. I’d like to pass
along my deepest condolences to the family and to the people’s
lives that he effected and say Thank you for sparking a new
direction in my life. Even though his physical self is no
longer here, his ripple effect will continue through the work
he has produced.

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