The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Mind

Dr. Stanley, I’ve read the Millionaire Next Door and the
Millionaire Mind and I loved them both. I just finished the
Milionaire Mind. The book spoke to me because although I am not
a Millionaire . . . I plan to be. I am like your main
character, the Millionaire next door . . . I went to Officer
Candidate School in the Marine Corps; I went to college; I went
to law school. I am not highly intelligent and I am not
“gifted” with a high IQ. I am disciplined and I work hard. I
also happen to have a twin brother and we are identicle in
every way. We both opened a law firm about five years ago; we
practice real estate. We are social; we get along with people;
we have a high degree of basic common sense. Also, we practice
in real estate so we are not competing with the prototypical
high IQ people. We are doing well . . . last year both of us
made over $250k. As far as personal consumption, I follow the
“Dave Ramsey” plan and maintain a cash budget. I drive a 98
Honda Accord with 247,000 miles on it. Every time I get behind
the wheel, I smile as I drive the beast as a badge of honor.
All my friends are buying big homes they cannot afford and
luxury cars that they lease or purchase with loans. They are
Income Statement Affluent. They earn fairly large salaries and
they spend it all. One of my best friends says that he takes
out loans to buy things because it puts pressure on him to earn
more money. I cannot think of a more flawed logic. My intention
is to do the exact opposite. I am 37 and I have no debt. My
goal is to invest as much as possible in mutual funds and to
accumulate commercial and residential over my lifetime. I will
do this without ever have taken out a mortgage! I love reading
your books so if you keep writing them, I will keep reading
them. All the best. Semper Fi–Scott

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