The Millionaire Next Door

Networking with Millionaires

Mr. Stanley you are a Genius, I found this audio series and The
Millionaire Next Door book to be great. You really hit the nail
on the head. Please help and give me some direction. My day
time job is with a national health club organization. I have a
photography business and would like to know how to implement
the Networking with Millionaires principles. What
organizations/associations should I become a part of to have
more business in event photography, weddings, anniversaries, in
general events and also a real passion of mine, fine art
photography. Please give me some suggestions on what
groups/associations I should belong to-help that would greatly
enhance these two areas of photography. I have listened to the
audio series two times and have found it to be the most useful/
informative out of me entire book/audio series libraries. This
is the best/greatest way to do better than as you say being a
one of one type of business. I would really appreciate hearing
from you on how I can succeed with my photography business. I
would like to be a success story like the many examples you use
in the audio series. Just regular people who used a different
approach to help others and themselves. Best Regards, A Thomas
J. Stanley Fan Mark LemosLima P.O. Box 267 Hayward, Ca. 94543

2 thoughts on “Networking with Millionaires”

  1. Dr. Stanley,

    I’ve given this advice to more people than I can shake a stick at since first listening to your audiobook of Networking With Millionaires (especially younger folks).

    One such individual, found his niche, and has dominated it in technology. He still gives me credit 10 years later as being the best advice he’s received.

    I of course pass along all credit to you. I did make him buy your book as well 😉

  2. I agree most Americans work hard…but I also feel that very few go the extra mile as Nelson did.

    Yes, he was tenacious. But the tenacity was matched by his ability to turn that tenacity into action my going to the library and finding that reference book.

    In addition, I am sure there was an extensive amount of research done with those speeches to insure that he was knowledgeable of the food industry plus tying in his services with that knowledge.

    Unfortunately, not all Americans are willing to go the extra mile.

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