The Millionaire Next Door


Dear Dr. Stanley, I have read your book nearly 10 years ago and
was really exited of the way you explained the story of the
millionaires in the USA. I am an energy trader, power and gas,
in Germany, did my MBA studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, and
stepped back from my job, aged 45, to concentrate on my family
and several hobbies. I make my living together with my wife and
son in my own house from a part time job and the wealth we
created together. These are several flats hired out to people,
who spend their money on expensive cars and travelling, by the
way, we have a net worth of 1,4 million Euros, created and
maintained out of hard work well overthought investment
decisions. But this not the main reason for my mail. Your
discoveries of your work were determining in such an
outstanding way for me in my life, that I think about releasing
your book in german language here in my homecountry in Germany.
Most of my friends and collegues, have exactly the problems you
mentioned in your book, and I am convinced, that the market in
Germany would be fond of writings as yours, academically and
methodically sound as it is. I know a few publishers and due to
my studies in Scotland, I can do all the translation work as
well as marketing and so on. furthermore I would spend a sum of
money required for the purpose. I am really convinced of the
marketing of your book in Germany and looking forward to your
answer to my email. If there would be a way to do so, I could
send you additional informations on research of the market.
Yours sincerely Boris

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