The Millionaire Next Door

Federal Civil Servant Millionaire Next Door

Here is a story you may well find interesting of a man who
became a Millionaire Next Door in 27 years by maxing out his
Thrift Savings Plan (401k) for members of the federal civil
service. In order to do this he worked a part time job for the
first ten years so he could contribute, “more than I could
afford” . Nor is he the only federal civil servant to become
Balance Sheet Affluent. I had zero savings in 1990 and I
contributed to the Thrift Savings Plan for 23 years before
retiring on 31 AUG 213 at age 62 1/2. After drawing $2000 per
month for the last 10 months, I still have about $638K in that
account plus another $95K in outside savings. This plus the
equity in my paid off home in southern California makes me a
Millionaire Next Door by your original definition and, I
believe, an enhanced millionaire by ykur current definition. My
salary in my civil service career never went above the high
five figures and it started in the low five figures.

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