The Millionaire Next Door

The Next Millionaire Next Door


What does it take to become wealthy today?

The simple and yet challenging answer is: the consistent exercise of certain behaviors that have been shown to relate to financial success. Millionaires continue to demonstrate a disciplined approach to their finances, allowing them, over time, to transform income into wealth. In The Next Millionaire Next Door, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley and Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw provide data-backed insights into what it takes to become the millionaire next door today, including:
  • Identifying and ignoring the myths about wealth and income
  • Understanding how those around you influence your financial behaviors
  • Living below your means
  • Identifying and developing your own behaviors that are conducive to building wealth
  • Finding careers and opportunities that allow for both economic and lifestyle-related freedom
  • Gaining knowledge and composure to invest and grow wealth